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July 06, 2009


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It isn't Norway, but I too go on about all the things I can't get in Fairbanks. Did you know that you can make your own vanilla extract with a vanilla bean and a bottle of vodka? It is like magic vanilla extract, you just keep topping off the bottle with more vodka.


a thoroughly enjoyable post


I'm happy to keep you supplied with some of your necessities, but I had no idea you were taking a nip from my vanilla extract!

sassy molassy

woohoo, can't wait for that post! And Costco size vanilla extra at a low price...amazing. It's no wonder you're smuggling it across seas. I practically had heart palpitations when i discovered it about a month ago. Less than $8 for a HUGE bottle of vanilla when it would be about $6 for a tiny bottle at the nearby grocery store?! Absolute Crazzziness. Hope you baked something American this weeekend. I still vaguely remember last year's 4th of july flag induced post...a pie perhaps?


It's funny isn't it, the things that are and aren't available across continents, and the differences in size and expense of packages.

Given my penchant for sending care boxes to needy bakers, anything you want from the UK just give me a shout, a maven in need is a maven indeed :-)


thanks for the post. I'm living in trondheim for the summer and i was absolutely pulling my hair out trying to find what i considered to be "basic" things - baking soda, chicken broth,and vanilla extract....
what's the sub for chicken broth around here? i asked a poor guy in my local store, and i don't think he had a clue what i was talking about..:)


Lindsay- Not sure if you'll be checking back on this, but maybe this can help:

Baking soda is called "natron" and is sold in the tiny packets shown in my pic above in the baking aisle. Vanilla extract is sold along with the tiny food color bottles and rum and almond extracts, under "vanlje essens". As for chicken stock, I make my own from leftover roasted chicken (I'm very skeptical of the salt and additives in the bullions cubes made by Toro and Magi. Let me know if you want shopping/navigational advice on anything else- I've done my investigative work.

What are you doing in Trondheim? Are you studying at UiT?


Thanks for the help!!! you should have seen me wondering around the store looking for baking soda.... I thought those little packets were an instant muffin mix. :) My husband is a PhD student doing research at NTNU, and i'm along for the ride. I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions.. food names don't seem to translate well in the google translate page. :)

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