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August 16, 2009


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Murasaki Shikibu

This sounds really nice - will try making it if I can find some molasses.

By the way I used your cheese slicer today to make these nice thin chips of parmesan cheese to top off my Rucola salad with and the results were fantastic. :)


Just always is ! Will give it a try.... I love 'christmassy spices'.


These will be my first "fall" baking project just as soon as the acorns really start dropping from the neighbor's tree.


Some times I think we might have been sisters in a previous life. when you posted the summer squash post, I was just harvesting mine, and this week I started making the mincemeat ready for Christmas mince pies! I too love the autumnal flavours and struggle with summer baking. When doing the stall I found all my favourite recipes were too wintery. So, I'm preserving my berries and praying for the cooler evenings so I can try out this recipe (probably with the hot cider as you suggest, yum!)


Your favorite Rustica baker is eyeballing this-watch out!


I love the spices in these cookies! thanks for sharing your recipe :)

Megan@Feasting on Art

It is not just you - I have spotted all sorts of 'fall is approaching' recipes this week. I am looking forward to fresh vegetables but your cookies are still tempting. Maybe for one last winter hurrah! (although it is still winter here it was 78F last weekend. so strange coming from the midwest!)

Ellen Hunter Gans

Ohhhhh, Siri. I never follow recipes to the letter, but I'm so glad I did on this one. These are spectacular. I made them for the Hunter/Knappmiller crew in Alaska and they kept disappearing off the baking sheet the instant they came out of the oven (next time I'll hide them til they cool). I can't get over how good these are. I'll make them again in Minnesota for my husband. Yay!!! Thank you!

Katie Kline

We made these cookies the other day and they were gone in 24 hours flat. Everyone loved them! Plus, they are egg-free so Sasha could eat them! This will be a new favorite in our household. Thanks! xoxo

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