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October 28, 2009


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Murasaki Shikibu

I went through my horse craze but outgrew it - mainly because there weren't enough horses in the areas where I lived in my adult life. I still appreciate the beauty and fluid movements of an Arab stallion though. ;)
The ponies are charming but your bread looks even more charming to me these days.
P.S. You know you've been living in a horribly provincial area for too long when the inside of IKEA looks like....'civilization'!


Siri, as one of those horse girls you so wrongly were prejudiced against, I have to say that my jealousy at you living near those cuties has not subsided in the least!


I made this bread last year and everyone that tasted it loved it. I'll have to find time to do so again this week. The horses are pretty cute and Freya remembers them well.

Megan@Feasting on Art

This would be perfect with goats cheese. Yum!!

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