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December 07, 2009


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I want these. In my belly, NOW!
I love love love chocolate and peanut butter.
Maybe at the Larson Christmas party? Hammer schlagen and these could make it better than Christmas itself!

Abigail (Kline) Duffine

December would not be the same without peanut clusters! Love 'em!


Do you think this recipe would work with almonds? Sasha has a peanut allergy and these are our favorite Christmas cookies!


Hi Katie!
I'm quite sure that almonds would work well as a peanut replacement. Although I'd try to find some salted ones, because I really think it's the salt on the peanuts that works so well with the chocolate. I even made a few this year that were just with dried fruit and those got the thumbs up from a fairly picky Bent.

Ferrero Rocher philippines

Your so kind for sharing the ingredients i will definitely doing this by myself. Keep posting!


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