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May 17, 2010


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Sassy Molassy

Adorable photos, Siri mama! I must tell you I baked your May day blueberry buns this morning and they were absolutely divine! Never have I tasted a better pastry that I've made on my very own. Love the sour cream/blueberry/cardamom mix. There will be a blog post to come.


That last photo made me cry a bit. You all look so....Norwegian. Wish I was there!


I love everything about this post.


Thanks, girls!

Lauren: it warms my little heart to hear that you not only tried making my buns, but that they turned out! Good work, my friend!

Rachel: You're such a softy.

Molly: You too.

D. @ Outside Oslo

Seattle has a great Syttende Mai celebration--it's reportedly the largest outside of Norway--but I was traveling so missed it this year. So thanks for sharing photos of Norway's!

If you're interested in hearing about Syttende Mai in Seattle, I linked some articles I wrote to my blog.

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