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June 14, 2010


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Rachel Larson

Count me in...

mallory elise

just a question....i live in brazil now (actually live!) how would i ship food outside of brazil?? i've already had a customs nightmare once...did you guys really ship produce overseas?

Nicole @ Arctic Garden Studio

I was soooo jealous I couldn't participate last year. Count me in for this year. I'm so excited because I am traveling from Alaska back to the midwest for a couple of weeks, so I will be able to hit up several markets this summer including the Minneapolis one!


Hi Mallory!

I realized after only putting up photos of only produce that some people might get the wrong idea and think of it as a "produce exchange" rather than a general market exchange. I know that some people that live in the US sent potatoes and olives and whatnot to one another last year, while I exchanged with someone in Florida and sent herbal tea and Norwegian chocolate, etc...while receiving peanuts, bottled BBQ sauce and a few other non-perishables. Of course, what you send doesn't necessarily have to be from the farmer's market, either. It could just be something locally made that you pick up at a small store in town. I posted a few non-veg/fruit ideas at the bottom of the post, so maybe that'll help.

The only other thing I should mention is that US customs does not accept honey from outside of the US. This delayed a box from reaching someone by several months last year! Although I BELIEVE it's ok to send honey to a country outside of the US.

Let me know if you decide on signing up!


Yay! I couldn't do it last year, which made me so sad. Definitely count me in this time round! Oooh, excuses to wander around markets and pick delicious produce, what a wonderful thing to spend my July doing...


I would love to be counted in on this! It sounds like fun!


I'm in Siri, I had fun helping Heather pick out some things last year.


Add me to the list, too, Siri! It was the third most anticipated package of the year! After my birthday box from Norway, and the cookie exchange, of course! (A girl's gotta have priorities!)
I'm alright with overseas shipping, too.

Minneapolis Farmers Market

Just tweeted a link to your blog inviting all to join in. Good luck!

Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen

I am there! So much fun last year, and now that I am in Vermont, with an even better local food scene, I can't wait to participate!!!

A Little Yumminess

What a good idea!!

Kim Chase-Kozak

Siri - I'd love to participate if you have room for one more frequenting Mpls/St. Paul farmer's markets. We just made homemade jam this morning! We'd be happy to ship overseas too. :-)

Ellen Hunter Gans

Siri, I know you are a fan of Farmers Markets, and you also happen to be a cheese expert. Next time you are in Minnesota, I will buy you a block of the stuff I just reviewed (courtesty of the Minneapolis Farmers Market). Life changing.

Lindsay Blaylock

oooh!! sign me up!

-th eredhead-

I would like to participate, and may be able to send some fresh Colorado peaches and homemade jam by the end of July.

-the redhead-


Too bad I missed it, this sounds like fun - keep me posted for next year!

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