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September 07, 2010


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Yes, just what I've been waiting for! I love fall too, especially when someone special is coming to visit. Three of them!

Emma @ Poires au Chocolat

These look gorgeous! Yum.

Abigail (Kline) Duffine

I too cannot wait for fall! There's nothing better. And these muffins are at the top of my list of new recipes to try. Thanks, Siri!

Sassy Molassy

Mmm...i'd never think of adding pears to muffins, but sounds good. And I do happen to have 4 fresh pears sitting in my kitchen right now.

And I do love fall, but lord it feels like it's also the beginning of the four months a year that I'm always freezing. Ugh. Guess I need to invest in some more bulky wool sweaters. :)

D. @ Outside Oslo

Those sound wonderful. I'm with you on fall being a special time. I'm always ambivalent about its arrival, because, well, summer is so wonderful, but then when I hear about things like these muffins with cozy fall muffins, I look forward to curling up in front of the fireplace with a good book, sipping hot chocolate on a cold day, wrapping myself up in a nice, warm coat, and all the other wonderful things about fall.

Ellen Hunter Gans

Oh my gosh, these look incredible. I am definitely going to make them. Thanks so much for the recipe! Three cheers for fall!!!


I made some of these today with ginger pear tea ( for my hunny. Delish!


Adrienne- I'm so glad you made them and that the turned out for you! Ginger pear tea sounds great, I used to drink a black tea with ginger and pear from the Republic of Tea...not sure if it's still made or not.

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