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December 05, 2010


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Nicole @ Arctic Garden Studio

Siri- I always love your cookie recipes. I still make your snickerdoodles and your ginger cookies. These look very good as well. I do like a simple cookie.


The pictures in this post are so magical, I love the lights in the snowy tree. The perfect thing today as it's just freezing fog here. I think some Christmas baking is in order. I shall be raiding your archives as I always love your Christmas cookies.


Please do more Christmas cookies!

Sassy Molassy

Beautiful snow pictures! I wish Oregon had a lovely blanket of snow over it, but alas, it is Oregon. That looks like a very simple recipe. Nothing wrong with that! Do people put jam or anything on them or just eat them w/ coffee or tea?


Beautiful photographs!


Nicole, Rebecca, and Lisa- Thanks!

Jon- I plan to do another one or two (despite strict orders from my husband to keep our sugar consumption this Christmas to a minimum). You should check out my series on the 7 Cookies of Christmas from last year- lots of good ones in there!

Lauren- It's ok to be jealous of all this beautiful snow this month, but come March, I'll start being envious of you. You could top these cookies with a little icing or maybe even some jam, but they're mostly just served plain or with a few drops of food coloring to give a face and little outfit to the cookie men and women.

Anne Kamsvaag

I found your blog a while back when I was looking for a recipe for Rosinboller - which turned out great!

"Baker's Ammonia" is sold by King Arthur Flour -

It makes GREAT cookies - baking soda and baking powder will work, but believe me, cookies don't come out as light as they do if you use the ammonium bicarbonate.

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