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December 12, 2010


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Tee hee.
Glad you post your failures as well as your numerous successes!

Nicole @ Arctic Garden Studio

When I saw the title in my reader I thought you were referring to seasonal affective disorder and in some cookies that would cure it. These might not do the trick. You have to laugh though. A friend of mine has two small boys 1 and 4, she says she can't bake anything anymore. I am wondering if this might be your situation as well? Happy Holidays, I'm sure good cookies are right around the corner.


Oh, dear one, what happened?


Thanks for your support, Emily and Nicole. It's sort of ridiculous because these were actually my pepparkake recipe (which I've made without any problems several times before!) I halved the recipe this time and obviously had a mathematical problem- they began baking just fine for the first 5 minutes, then at 6 minutes, began to drop and spread out like crispy pancakes. Surely too much butter. Or maybe bad baking powder? It was the bottom of the container. Oh well, if you first do not succeed, try, try again...


I'll bet they still taste good!

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