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January 09, 2011


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I made these this weekend and they were wonderful! I decided to just bake them the day before and not freeze them and they were great. I actually popped them in the microwave for a few seconds to soften them up a bit the next day. They have such a wonderful texture - a little chewy but somehow crumbly and buttery at the same time. I'll definitely make them again!


I've seen these around town in cafes (I live in Stavanger). Just curious if they are meant to taste different than kanelboller? Thanks! I enjoy your blog a lot.


KMS- I would say they're a little more dense than kanelboller. Perhaps a little more "grown-up"? But they really are quite similar- with cinnamon, cardamom and sugar as the basic flavors. I've been meaning to make it down to Stavanger one of these years- the southern coast has much nicer than we do on the west coast...and the architecture!


Fabulous recipe, thanks. My family is in love with cinnamon buns and we travel to sweden for a fix. I got a recipe from my danish friend, but she was iffy on the quantities and no cardamon which I love, so your recipe is perfect. I saw these snurrs on "The Hairy Bikers Bakation" on the BBC, but website had no recipe. I made standard cin buns with half the dough and snurrs with the other- gone in a flash!Oh and I had to leave my KitchenAid in Australia to move to Switzerland- so yes my bicep hurts now too!


Hi there, looks delicious! Was wondering why the butter has to be grated into it and not melted and added to the dough? If I do the latter, do you know whether it'll interact differently? Thanks, a.


Hi Andrew- I've never made the buns any other way, and have always gone strictly from the recipe when working with the Bakery in Lom cookbook (they know they're baked goods!), but can only imagine that grating (which is like cutting the butter in, rather than melting, then blending it fully into the dough like one does when baking bread) yields a flakier bun. It becomes more of a pastry, and less of a roll. The butter is spread throughout, creating small pockets of fat, rather than being completely immersed into the dough. Of course, this is just my theory. -SiRi

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