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January 16, 2011


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Where did you get your dishes?? I love your plate w/ the rosemaling!!

Emma @ Poires au Chocolat

I know exactly what you mean about the photographs. I often don't post something because the photos aren't good enough. Perhaps it's silly.

I'm very glad you posted this, though - I've been looking for a great coconut cake recipe and this looks great. Really interesting technique of reducing the coconut milk. Thanks!

Emma @ Poires au Chocolat

Also, how big were the cans of coconut milk? If you have a measurement for them that would be fantastic.


Kjerstin- The dish is actually the saucer for a cup and saucer set I inherited from my paternal grandmother. It's a Norwegian Porsgrund from the 60s and the only one I have (I know, great colors and design! Only wish I had more...)

Emma- I'm glad I'm not the only one with the weird photo hang up. I HIGHLY recommend this recipe. The subtly of the coconut flavor and the moistness of the cakes themselves are really what set it apart. Also- how embarrassing that I forgot to mention how big the cans of coconut milk were! What an obvious thing to need if you're going to make them! You'll need two- 13 to 14 oz. (400 ml) cans. I'll fix that in my recipe, thanks!


I both agree and disagree with this post. I agree about taking photos and how annoyed I get if they don't turn out well. I often don't post perfectly good recipes because the pics were bad.

But I disagree about your estimation of your picture. I think your little cupcake on your little tea saucer is absolutely adorable!


Sometimes I make Henrik wait to eat his meal because I need to photograph it! (Needless to say it really pisses him off!)


Andrea- we'll aren't you completely sweet. And good for my self-esteem!

Lisa- don't you secretly like making him wait? It's only annoying when you've just made something extra good have to make yourself wait.


As a typical male I did not notice the cool saucer until the second glance. I was drooling so much I almost shorted out my keyboard! More cupcake pictures would have only made it worse. Thanks for showing some mercy.

Sassy Molassy

The kid photo and the cute (albeit a wee dark) cupcake photo are enough for me. They look fabulous. As does anything coconut in my world.


I love your nature photos as much as the ones of food! And imaging the smell and taste of coconut milk reducing on the stove is just heavenly!


Jon, Lauren, and Katie- Thanks!

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