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January 23, 2011


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I love this post! I miss so many things about England that I cant even attempt to write a list! But my main two would be to have more variety and cheaper food at the supermarket and for Norwegians not to be so damn reserved!


Hi Siri, your chocolate goo cake does look pretty tasty. Love, Ingie


Hey Siri-
I'm gonna ask your Mom to make this for me! Woo-hoo!
Love, H


Oooooo...that looks and sounds delicious!

Rachel Larson

Maybe I'll make this for Grandma's BD next week. She's the reason that we all make this gooey dessert.

Kim (your parent's neighbor!)

That picture of Lasse with the bread is too cute! :-) I've been in a bread baking mood.

Kim (your parent's neighbor!)

Ooops - meant to post my comment under the next post. Sorry!

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