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February 25, 2011


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Caterina B

Siri, I consider myself and my hubby kind AND nostalgic persons! This is just the thing I have been wondering about. ANYTHING homemade has got to be tastier than store bought. Besides, I do fear the day is going to come when the big trucks won't have fuel to bring the graham crackers to the stores. I guess I better plant wheat this spring, no?

Caterina B

Ooooh. I just read the Wikipedia article on the true purpose of graham crackers. Funny.
Thanks for pointing out the additional reasons to savor them!


I don't think I can wait to bake some. Guess I'll have to buy some on the way home tonight. I used to put soft butter on them. yummmy!

Sassy Molassy

Hot dang, these look adorable and delicious!!! Mmm...I need some in my life. I'm making Ashley's cinnamon crackers this week to make into healthy cinnamon toast crunch cereal like Mama Pea did. Can't wait.


Caterina- Ha! Let me know how your wheat crop goes.

Jon- a smearing of butter always heightens just about anything. I was one of those kids that would swipe entire sticks off of the kitchen table for a snack. Good thing I was able to quite that habit since my metabolism isn't quite what it was at the age of 3.

Lauren- Homemade cinnamon toast crunch is genius!

Rachel Larson

Do you remember when I made graham crackers for you and your brother and sister? They are good aren't they? I like them with peanut butter. Love the photos of the little hand reaching for the crackers, what a lucky boy! Love from Mormor.


i love graham crackers! these look great and I am sure taste far better than the boxed ones.

Maria @ Scandifoodie

Great recipe, I love graham crackers :-)


I was just recently inspired to make graham crackers from scratch, too, and used 101cookbooks' recipe as my springboard too! So yummy - cozy and crunchy and far better than anything store bought. I love the honey tin!


These look amazing, Siri. Do you find that the graham flour makes a big difference? Also, how do you store them?


Ellen- I do think that the graham flour makes a difference, even though there really isn't that much of it in the recipe in comparison to the amount of all purpose flour. In addition to giving the crackers a deeper, almost nutty flavor, it changes up the texture. Store them in a air tight container like you would for cookies, they'll keep for about 2 weeks. After they, they won't taste as fresh and will become softer and not as crunchy.

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