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February 20, 2011


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We go to a bi-weekly children's singing/dancing thingy, and they serve us a light supper, and last week. . . . . hot dog soup. They have taken their obsession too far, I believe. I don't know if I can eat another hotdog after that night.

lauren @sassymolassy

That video was adorable. Lasse sure knows how to get his face messy (in photo)! Looks like a fun and yummy 1st birthday!

Caterina B

Wonderful, wonderful! And more power to you for insisting on homemade food.
I did not realize that Norwegians might be capitulating to the IMAGINED fussy tastes of children in food like the Americans do. Please, please, please, hold fast and introduce your precious boy to real food. I think that parents assume that their kids won't eat this and won't eat that and they create the picky stinkers I see every day in the school where I work. My own children ate everything because I never assumed they wouldn't. I despair when I hear that some homes serve a separate dinner to the children consisting of chicken nuggets, ranch dressing, etc. I DO also love hot dogs but rarely eat them. I am surprised that Norwegians suggest you feed Lasse hot dogs. Are they fine quality sausages made locally instead of cows lips? One thing I have to keep reminding myself of, though, is this. I have to remember the generation that is the parents of these young children. THEY also were probably raised on less than wholesome choices (read junk) so that is what they also serve to their children. I would love to teach real cooking to those parents and their children. Sorry for getting up on the soapbox!


Caterina- Thanks for your comment! It's funny, before I ever came to Norway, I had this idyllic image of Norwegians in my head too. I thought they only ate fish and potatoes and whole grain bread and couldn't imagine hot dogs and potato chips and Thousand Island dressing crossing over the border and into the homes of all(!) Norwegians. But it's true. Norway's even starting to have a problem with childhood obesity (granted it's at a far lower rate than in the US or UK). As with much of northern Europe, Norwegians love sausages and there are a wide assortment of them in the stores. Unfortunately, the ones that kids like and eat are the most dumb-downed, commercial, processed varieties. I totally agree with everything you said. It's true that many new parents in their 20s and 30s were raised on junk food and never learned how to cook from scratch, so it's no wonder that young kids today are being fed hot dogs, frozen fish sticks, and chicken nuggets on a weekly basis. I won't try to hold my nose up in the air and say that my son will never become a picky eater because he's only known homemade, flavorful food his entire (albeit short) life, but my fingers are crossed that he'll be open to new foods and have a more rounded palette in the years to come because of this early foundation. But you just never know...


I love how Lasse flaps his arms in excitement at the end of the video, so cute!
Quite right to keep Lasse away from hot dogs for as long as you can! Norwegians (including my husband) are obsessed with them! I miss good British sausages!


Lisa- that's the classic Lasse move! He's been doing it since he could sit up and it always signifies excitement (usually over food :)

Big Facial Tits

Highly descriptive article, I loved that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

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