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March 19, 2011


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Rachel Larson

Trying to picture what it will look like in two months.


Yea, I heard that too... I don't believe them! Lovely pics, nice to see another angle of your life!


Looks just like it does here in Alaska but I betcha you'll warm up faster than we do.

Caterina B

That looks freezing, Siri. I'm feeling very put out because here in normally sunny Colorado we've had more than two weeks of nearly constant cloudy days. I am not used to that. My hubby is from Oregon and he does not like all that cloudiness even though he grew up with it. We could not even see the SUPERMOON on Saturday night. Did you get to see it? I hope so. The good thing about Norway is that when Summer comes, it really comes! Anyway, it looks like darling Lasse doesn't mind the snow!


I love the photos you have capturing the blue sky and white snow -- gorgeous! I think being able to see the beauty in the winter white is such a good thing!

Hold on...spring is on it's way...


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