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March 26, 2011


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Kila 3181

Siri... we have been searching high and low for a rugbrod recipe that will live up to 1. Nicholas's memories of open faced sandwiches in Denmark and 2. the late Blacky's Bakery in NE Minneapolis. We would love to try a recipe of your's if you are willing to share! Hope all is well. Jill.


Oh -- looks fantastic!! Would love to try it out!


Jill- Blackey's! I didn't know they made a rugbrød, I'd only tried what the cheese shop bought from them before they closed. If you're genuinely interested in the recipe, I'd be glad to write it up for you! I know you live with a master baker (this is simply going off of the pretzels Nicholas had made and the photos of homemade brioche...)


Siri, thank you. This bread looks like real bread. I would love you to write up the recipe - God knows, I love beer. Beautiful photos. Love Katie x


I look forward to this recipe!

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