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March 08, 2011


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since i found your blog and made your raisin cardamom buns (DEELICIOUS!) i have been checking back for more! i see you have your hands busy with the little one! i look forward to seeing more enticing, interesting recipes =) good luck with the reorganising hehe


First you have to make a mess in order to organize properly.

Caterina B

He's so darn cute!!! Just treasure these days, they will disappear quickly!


Hi Carly! Thanks for the comment- I'm glad to hear that you too have enjoyed the raisin buns :)

Jon- You might very well be right. We've stopped washing everything in that drawer that's been dirtied by Lasse and taken to simply washing them before we actually need to use them- it's saves more time.

Caterina- I keep trying to remind myself of that. Each week keeps flying by faster than the previous!

Sarah Hunter

I love it!!! Bronwen's favorite toys at Uncle Dan's house were in "her" kitchen tools drawer. She frequently would empty out the drawer tool by tool. We have adopted the wash them when you need them plan too. She likes to mix things now, using any number of different "poons". Aren't they adorable?

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