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March 28, 2011


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Lutefisk! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Even worse than fiskekaker!!!!


Is it lutefisk season??


Lisa- are we talking storebought fiskekaker here or just any old fiskekaker? Because if you've tried mine, you wouldn't be arghhhhing.

Jon- No, it's very much NOT lutefisk season, which is probably why they have it on sale. Thank God there's a whole 'nother 8 months before lutefisk season strikes again!


Great sign -- thanks for translating!

The colors in this picture are fantastic, thank you for sharing them!


Hi! I'm Natalina :)

Hahahaha that sign is just the best ever! LOL. thanks, I had it once and it was more than enough...!


Ah! Your little guy is such a Larson!

Caterina B

I love that photo of the red house with the white curtains. So Norwegian! I have hinted strongly to my hubby that I would like to paint (actually I want HIM to paint) our cabin Norwegian red like the henhouse. He balks because he thinks that will cause more upkeep for him of the logs. We'll see!
You can view the henhouse on my photo page. Just Google "flickr caterina b."
That quote from the sign is so cute! As is the little Norwegian in his stroller!

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