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March 17, 2011


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I'm glad it's only "change" and not "quits"! I actually just mentioned you and your peanut butter cookies on my last post. BEST COOKIES EVER!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy

Thank goodness you didn't say you were giving up on blogging. I might have to fly over and strangle you! No no, I kid. Looking forward to reading more about your life beyond the kitchen (and in the kitchen when time allows it).

Kim (your parent's neighbor!)

How about some more random Lasse pictures? ;-)

Murasaki Shikibu

It sounds like a sensible thing to do to me. :) Do post something every once in a blue moon!


Lisa-I'm glad too (regarding the change and the cookies, that is).
Lauren- Come for a visit anytime!
Kim- Exactly what I had in mind...
Murasaki- It'll be a little more often than a blue moon, don't worry.

Caterina B

It must be the "super moon" that we're having tonight! Britt Arnhild over at "Britt Arnhild's House in the Woods" blog from Trondheim is having the same thoughts! Do what you need to do, Siri, and more power to you!


Caterina- Thanks for the support :) Good to know that others are having the same sluggish blogging uncertainties that I am- although to be fair, I think Britt Arnhild's been going at it about twice as long as I have, so she has good reason!


Phew. Thought you were going away altogether. Very glad that's not the case. :)


Glad you aren't throwing in the apron AND the towel :) The archive of recipes you've created is an awesome resource!


Wendy- Hi! It did cross my mind, but someone (ok, my husband) gave me a good talking to and helped to realize how much I'd miss the blog if I gave it up all together.

KatieB- Yes, me too. I'm glad you can get some good use out of my old recipe box :)

D. @ Outside Oslo

I know what you mean! Sometimes giving oneself the freedom to *not* document the meal and to just enjoy it can be so wonderful. But then the urge to share future recipes with the world soon surges again! Good for you for identifying a need for change. We all look forward to seeing future posts, of the scenic and tasty kinds! I love seeing beautiful photos of Norway, anyway. :)

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That sounds like a recipe for success!

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