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April 20, 2011


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lauren @ sassy molassy

This photo series is hilarious. I love it. I ran outside this afternoon in shorts and a tshirt! It was a sure sign that warm temps are on their way.


Hurrah for the first lunch outdoors!
Lovely set of pics, Lasse is such a cutie!


Hee hee, love the cute! And yay to spring :) [p.s. that was my sister's tattoo who was debating whether or not to get it removed.]

Caterina B

He is so, so adorable. Love to see him feed himself. Have a fun Easter with family! Will there be green grass outdoors in which to hide eggs?


So cute!


Caterina- the grass is very green out here (the island is practically green all year round!) We're debating whether or not to dye eggs, but there WILL be an easter basket.


These photos are beautiful! How wonderful to be outside, enjoying spring!

And the pig getting a proper meal too -- fantastic!


Lasse is such sweet & good little mamma's boy.... ! you are the object of my envy siri.... my girls are so mischevious at supper time...i find bits of carrot and green peas tucked under the table cloth when cleaning up afterwards :p


Claudine- how kind of you! Yes, Lasse makes sure that all of his rubber barnyard friends are well fed.

Maya- Mamma's boy is right! How did you know ;) He's been a fantastic eater up until now- known to eat spicy curried lentils, lutefisk, and even his pappa's nemesis, cottag cheese! Let's just hope these early habbits continue...

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