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April 06, 2011


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lauren @ sassy molassy

Aw, I love that last photo. Such a great one. What kind of camera do you have, Siri?


I love to knit, too.
Are you on Ravelry?


Lauren- I use a Canon E0S 450D. It was a birthday gift a few years back after we found out that a certain little fellow who'd need lots of photographing was on the way!

Emily- Thanks, I recently signed up on Ravelry, but have yet to post any of my projects. Not sure if I ever will, either. But it's really nice to have for tips and inspiration.


If that isn't the sweetest little snake I've ever seen. Frank is a little bit jealous, though! He wishes his mom could knit toys for him...

Caterina B

Love that darling face and the snake is so cute,too! I must learn to knit.


Heather- you should totally take up knitting if not for yourself, at least for the sake of Frank.

Caterina- you too! Everyone should knit- wether it be elaborate Norwegian sweaters or very not elaborate Norwegian snakes! Lasse says "hi" ;) It is part of his 4 word vocabulary.

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