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April 09, 2011


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lauren @ sassy molassy

He's pretty talented. And holy voice!! Not what I was expecting at all. I still remember when mama Larsen took me to see Mason Jennings. Mmm...


Siri...he's awesome...i love indie artists like this...( I was in smiles at the 'the long woolen stockings part :p ) ...they don't still dress like they ?

I'm into bands like Mumford and Sons ? like them ?


I super love this. Live multitracking 4eva.


Lauren- so weird, I really DON'T REMEMBER taking you to a Mason Jennings concert back in my Oregon days. Was it in Eugene? Do tell!

Maya- They do still wear long woolen stockings, but only on speical occasions like the 17th of May (constitution day) to go with the rest of the traditional costume. Ok, maybe for hiking in the woods too. I'll have to check out Mumford and Sons.

Maven- Good! Weiss people know their music, so I'm glad you approve.


I wasn't expecting that sexy voice! Awesome.


The music is excellent, but the voice blew me away. Glad to hear this quality is going on in Norway.


Love it! Thanks! And here I thought Sondre Lerche was the only Norwegian musician.

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