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April 18, 2011


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Sneaky Magpie

70s kids' clothing is brilliant, lucky Lasse!


Love it! That little book made me and when did you start learning Norwegian? I've always been intrigued (my mom's dad was from Romsdalen) but I've never taken the leap.


I love the plate. I agree that butter makes food better! Some great finds for sure. Don't you just love Salvo shops. Jacinta


KatieB- Taken the leap to Romsdalen or the leap to learn Norwegian? It's a bizarrely simple yet difficult to emerge yourself into language. I started learning it in college, but didn't feel even remotely comfortable having a conversation in Norwegian until we moved here permanently 3 years ago. We speak English at home 90% of the time, although Lasse's pappa speaks strictly Norwegian to him.

Embracingitall- Butter, butter, butter! It's my new favorite plate in the house :)

Caterina B

One time on the cooking show from Norway with Andreas Viestad he said something that I love and that makes me laugh every time I say it to my husband. "Butter is the olive oil of the North." I totally agree, although I do use olive oil, too. I love his show, his goofy, whimsical ways and his recipes. Have you even seen the show? Probably it is not shown in Norway, only for American audiences?


Caterina- I'm a huge fan of Andreas. He's very articulate, yet down to earth, AND enthusiastic. He does do his show in Norwegian, although I think it's become more popular abroad. I like Claus Meyer's Danish version of The New Scandinavian Cooking program very much too (he's THE big name in Danish cooking) and has a great program that shows the viewer the Danish country and seaside (granted, not quite as impressive as Norwegian nature).


Those finds are fantastic...yes, butter is good good good!


I'm sorry to say that I haven't taken either leap! For now, I live vicariously :)

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