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April 13, 2011


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Siri, this is extraordinary. You are such a good mommy, and have thought Lasse so well. My girls would never eat such a decent serving, and I'm always fretting at meal times trying to get them to eat all their vege's...supper takes a couple of hours on some eventful days... phew. I only blame my self, thinking I just did'nt teach them right from the inception... to eat all their green's/ vege...but perhaps I was naughty and fussy as a kid they've just inherited my finickyness :p. You know what, I wil try this...Sweet potato's and Chick peas really are such wonder foods...if it works...i'll be over the moon !

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy

Mmm, these sound pretty tasty and easy to make. You know I'll have to try my hand at 'em!


Oh, wow. I think I'm going to make this tonight! It looks fabulous!

Rachel Larson

Isn't this the famous veggie patty that put Lasse to sleep for 15 hours?


Maya- my mom (Rachel, 4th commenter) is right! Lasse had a grown-man (or mamma) sized serving for dinner and he slept 15 hours that night. He eats a very impressive amount for a kid his age and size, let's just hope he stays this way and doesn't become picky at the 1 1/2 year mark...I do think these are a fantastic way to sneak some extra veg into your kids.

Lauren and Ellen- Let me know how they turned out! Any good spice and herb combos???

Sneaky Magpie

Sounds lovely, must try it. Leon is London serve sweet potato patties which are divine and I have been dying for a good recipe. Thank you!

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