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April 12, 2011


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Oh I know how you'nt it nice to see the little one's finally break free in the fresh air ?! We took our girls to the staten island zoo yestersay ( it was 80 degree's in nyc)... can you believe it ? ... PS : i also love your flowers... being that we live in an apartment and am not blessed with a beautiful country side like you are siri....i am getting our window boxes ready :)


I bought a tray of pansies today also! Only 25kr!
Ah, yes, crappy norwegian easter chocolate is a big let down (og så dyrt) Henrik bought a bag home the other day and I complained my way through the whole bag! Thankfully we are going to England on Friday so I can bring back some of my favourite easter chocolate!
Would you like a cadburys creme egg?

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy

Is he eating a rock? Awesome! Get those vitamins and minerals in! Love love love the red gloves that I'm sure you knitted.

Sneaky Magpie

I remember those cutouts! I sued to love them so much. They are charming aren't they?


Maya- window boxes are the best! I've always had a strange facination with them ever since childhood. Alas, my family never had them...Maybe this will be the year? Filled to the brim with herbs! 80s sounds like a dream, we've been content with our 50s and 60s and occasional sunshine.

Lisa- I think we bought the same tray of pansies- plantasjon??? I had the very same problem with that damn påskesjokolade. I know deep down that it's crap, but I can't stop eating the stuff. You know I won't say no to a cadbury egg if you're offering ;)

Lauren- Rocks, moss, mud, anything goes these days...and yes, I whipped up those mitten the other night. You can tell, but thumbs are blue.

Sneaky- They're the best! Sort of overpriced here, but I can always warrant a splurge on something so cute and fun.


yep, Plantasjon! I'm going to buy a few more trays and fill up an old tin bath with the cute little monkey faced flowers!
I'll aim for a 3 pack of creme eggs (cause one is never enough, right?)

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