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May 05, 2011


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Ah yes, I am familiar with my friend Mr Anonymous who leaves comments just like this one. Must be one very busy person!


P.s love the photo!


I don't blog, but still get too much of this fine quality crap getting through my email filters. Why is the world so full of b.s.?


I hear you. I get a lot of the "Good post, this topic interesting. Do people know about this interesting topic?" followed by a link. Sigh. Why do they even bother veiling their spam with flattery? Blaaahhh. Fantastic photo, by the way.

Big Sista

Me likey what you say have! Keep up work good.

Sneaky Magpie

oh yes, I absolutely agree. It's so ridiculous and makes me very angry. One morning I had 18 comments on very old posts, all the same, all passed my filter. Arghhh


Andrea and Ellen- I'm glad you both liked the photo, it's not the most flattering, but was the best in conveying "Siri pondering".

Big- Oh you.

Sneaky- 18!? Do you have a "block" function on your site? I'm pretty sure that's why I never have more than one or two.

Sneaky Magpie

yes, 18. It was a freaky one. My filter usually gets them all. But it hasn't happened since.


This is too funny! Love the photo -- so cute!

Tilda B. Hervé

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