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May 02, 2011


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Love your photos. You are making me want to travel! Enjoy May Day. We don't celebrate it here, so not exactly sure what it involves, but I am sure it is fun. May is lovely here too, but more for the loveliness of autumn and the fact my birthday in May kind of adds to it too! Jacinta


Looks like a wonderful way to celebrate May Day!


We are getting Spring, too! It only snowed for four hours this morning!

Caterina B

May is my favorite month, too. That is....IF we ever warm up! Oh....the gold and green of May, the apple blossoms, the glorious golden afternoons, even the dandelions. I will be in Heaven....IF it ever warms up!


Looks like a fab day! I always took spring for granted but here in Norway after a killer winter it is soooooo wonderful!


Embracingitall- Thanks! A trip to Norway at one time or another should be in the plan for everyone. May day in most of Europe (as far as I know) involves a free day off for everyone (unfortunately this year, it fell on a Sunday, which is already a free day for most), as well as a parade with all of the labor (union) groups and some speeches and picnicking. My husband calls it "communist day", which is a bit of a stretch, but still somewhat true for this very socialist nation.

Jon- Only 4 hours, huh? Hopefully northern Minnesota is rid of all of its snow by July! I'm planning a trip to the north shore then!

Caterina- My parents in Minnesota say its been pretty cold there too. We're having one of the warmest springs on record, which feels great after such a cold winter.

Lisa- No kidding!

Kim (your parent's neighbor!)



These photos are fantastic! The outdoor laundry is great!

Happy May to you!


wow what a beautiful place to live. i have norwegian ancestry, it's someplace i hope to travel one day. your blog looks lovely, i thank you kindly for stopping by mine as well! :)

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