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May 26, 2011


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Rachel Larson

Did you deliberately wait to make these after we had left?


Siri, I love the way you write...i was gripped by this story as if it were the latest holywood scandle ! :p

I love how thin these cookies are, & was wishing so much i had a recipe that was a sure thing...

thanks so much for sharing, honestly !


Yay! Thank you, thank you :) and for the mention too! I will have to try and order corn syrup from somewhere though. This is the frustrating factor when following a non-French recipe - they never stock the ingredients in the supermarkets. I'm on a mission!


So where were you able to find chocolate chips in Norway? I lack self control when baking and eating cookies (I know there's a 12 step program out there)and fall off the wagon. But sometimes I NEED to indulge myself. Time to fire up the oven. Chez Jude (under former management) used to have a cookie with cardamom that would take me back to my father's Christmas cookies. I would start to shake if I needed one.


Rachie Poo- Yes, of course I did. Can't have these puppies laying around with a diabetic in the house!

Maya- Oh, you're too kind! Wouldn't that be funny if there were a Hollywood scandal that involved chocolate chip cookies?!

Andre- You're quite welcome. That's always the tricky part, isn't it? It's the simplest of ingredients that become the hardest to find in a new country. The only other thing I use corn syrup for is pecan pie, so it's not really the most used ingredient in the cupboard...

Jon- I didn't. I use a bar of chocolate and chop it up into bits. But that isn't to say that I'm not planning on bringing some different types back from the states in my suitcase next trip home. I wonder what kind of cookie Chez Jude made. Has the food changed a lot under new management? I think the only time I ate there was about 6 years ago- and it was AMAZING! Wouldn't a chocolate chip cookie with just a hint of cardamom be good?

Eddie Storms

No matter how big the competition is, it's still better to give it your best shot than not trying at all, right? Your chocolate chip cookie may not be the best but still, it's good to see that you still shared this with us. It's been a while since I made one, and what better way to start it with a new recipe. Thanks for sharing.

Caterina B

Siri, you mention vinegar in the method for mixing but it is not on the ingredient list!
I looked up comparable cookies on the King Arthur website and found one chocolate chip cooky recipe with vinegar. So...I added 1 teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar to your recipe. I think it must interact with the baking powder to make the cookies rise. These cookies had a different flavor and texture from the usual ones we are used to seeing, ie "Toll House" cookies. I like the idea of using cardamon in them, too. I love the flavor and scent of cardamom.


Caterina- Thanks! Maybe I should get you to do my proof-reading before I publish any recipes ;) A teaspoon of vinegar, was indeed correct- I did a little melding of 2 King Arthur's recipes and think the vinegar gives the baking powder a little extra oomph- helping to keep the cookies chewy even though they are relatively flat. I've edited the recipe above. A lot of cake recipes include vinegar, so maybe this is the idea behind it? And I agree with you about cardamom- perhaps my favorite spice of all!

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