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May 25, 2011


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I still remember the strings of rainy days from when I lived in Norway (we were in Stavanger). And then when the sun eventually reappeared, everything was so beautiful that you'd forget how miserable all the rain had been. And then it would start raining again, haha.
I do love your blog - it reminds me of Norway, it brings back wonderful memories.

lauren @ sassy molassy

Yes, we've had far too many rainy days. I'm so sick of it. And I need more choc chip cookies in my life. Trying to be good about that though. Instead, eating choc chips by the handful. That doesn't count, right?


Oh dear. Wishing you some sun. I'd be eating choc chip cookies too. Do you have a good recipe? I can't seem to get biscuits right. xo

Rachel Larson

One more stat: days til you and Lasse arrive from Norway: 28

Big Sista

I was going to say the same thing as mom!


Sunrise: 4.18am
Sunset: 22.12pm
Days of straight rain: 0 (sorry!)
Number of ants in my pants: 0
Pieces of toast with Marmite eaten for breakfast today: 4


Andrea- do I have a good recipe? Just you wait and see...All good American mother's have a good, basic chocolate chip cookie recipe :)

Lisa- I've never tried Marmite! I read that it's one of the healthiest foods, but it's gotten such a bad rap in the states. Plus, I wouldn't know where to buy some in Førde!

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