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July 27, 2011


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Lauren @ Sassy Molassy

This sounds super easy and the manfriend (and I) would love it. I wonder what a splash of almond extract would do? Also, what flavoring/effect does the barley flour add? Could one just use all white flour?

Caterina B

And if you live way out in the country and don't have any strawberries how about frozen blueberries from last year? And... if you don't have any barley flour (and where in the world could I get that? Maybe Bob's Redmill, aha!)could I use white flour? I think I just might go ahead and use your recipe as a guideline and do blueberries and white flour!
Oh..and i have frozen blackberries, too.

lisa kjellerød

Nice to have you (and your lovely recipes!) back!
Lasse is looking very handsome with his tan!


I was surprised at your comments regarding the X and Y axes [plural of axis]. Your education at Centro has come to great good!

Sue R

Lasse's expression is pure joy - what wonderful thing Siri! Might have to try this recipe based on that alone.


That looks and sounds amazing!


Lauren- the original recipe (from Martha S.) called for only AP flour (white, that is), so naturally, that would be just fine. The only thing to take heed to, would be that whole grain flours, like barley, are heavier and more dense than AP, so if you're using a kitchen scale, take that into account. I've described why I like barley flour just above the recipe. As for almond extract- why not?!

Caterina- Bob's Red Mill DOES sell barley. Any co-op, health food store, or larger grocery store should care some. I'm sure blueberries would be good, but I liked the effect of using halved strawberries, since they stay mostly intact throughout the baking, just getting a bit softer and more juicy. I think blueberries wouldn't hold their shape as well and would change the overall texture of the cake a bit???

Lisa- Thanks, lovey! He's totally handsome with his little tan (darker than his mamma too, I might add :)

Rach- Surprised?

Sue- So good of you to comment! Pure enjoy, indeed!

Groovy- It is!

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