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August 10, 2011


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Now there's a kid with a great attitude and a very cool backpack. Do they make those in an adult size?

Caterina B

Oh my goodness! I thought he was a BABY! What happened? He's now 18 mo old? I must have been asleep. He is too darn cute. Hope you're enjoying your free time.


Wish Mormor could have been there for the big day!


What a little dude! He looks so cute with his monkey backpack...I want one!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy

I can barely stand it! These photos are soooo adorable.


Cute boy on his way to the first day in the kindergarten on his nameday :)
Had a nice chat tonight on Skype before bedtime. Love you.


Jon- No, I don't think so, but there's nothing that says you can't just loosen up the straps and wear the toddler-sized pack ;)

Caterina- it's the baseball hat that does it, he still looks like a baby when he sleeps. Or when he sucks his thumb (that's about 9 hours a day, mind you). Free time? What's that. I start work again on Monday!

Farmor- trur Lasse koste seg veldig då han fekk snakke med FF og FM i kveld. Det var stass å vise fram Mr. Rat og sitte i kontorstolen heilt aleine. Kan godt seie 'natta' til dokke fjes-til-fjes snart igjen!


Oh Lasse! You couldn't be sweeter or cuter if you tried! Good job, mamma and pappa.
Hugs and kisses to my very best schoolboy.

Murasaki Shikibu

haha...these photos are just too cute! I need to stop by here more often. I have kind of been remiss with blogging on the whole and have been antisocial. lol :)


aw how lovely! my little guy is going to have to start when he's 12 months. i wish i could wait a little longer!


How were you on the first day of barnehage, Mama? I cried. :) It was seeing the name tag on his little coat hook that did me in. ( :) My guy has the same monkey backpack (!)--perhaps yours is also courtesy of an American mormor? Watching that little monkey bounce down the road holding Pappa's hand on the way to ''work'' is about the sweetest thing ever. Good luck with work!


Kim- it was ok! It helps to have full confidence in the people that will be taking care of your kid for some many hours of the week. That, and I knew he was going to love it- the kids, the toys, the activities, the newness of it all. The backpack was something I bought while in the twin cities this summer- although it's certainly something mormor would have bought for Lasse had I not seen it first.

Lisa Kjellerød

So cute! Lasse looks so proud of himself!

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