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August 11, 2011


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Mmmmm, these look great! Maybe Freya would like to try some of these at her next sleep-over. Lasse is so darn cute, miss him more every day.

Caterina B

So Siri, was Lasse actually starting school on the same day he turned exactly 18 months old? Is that the way they determine when the child should start barne something in Norway?
Love that expression in the photo. He's a little doll.


Caterina- 'Barne something'! Ha! No, that has noting to do with it- his 18 month bday is actually this coming Tuesday. It's different from region to region, but kids can technically start barnehage when they are 10 months old. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be granted a spot in a barnehage before you're well over one (space is tight!) They generally follow the school year, so because Lasse was born in February and barnehage starts up in August, he was too young last year and had to wait until now. Sometime you can get them in earlier, sometimes people will hire a nanny for a few months. I was one of the lucky few to have the privilege of staying home and hanging out with my little fellow a bit longer than most :)

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