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September 02, 2011


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Better than nothing eh? It sounds a bit like our efforts here. I'm giggling at the mowing over the it!


I don't know if it is any comfort, but you have more than me.

lauren @ sassy molassy

I think even when gardens don't do especially well, it's worth it. It's just fun to watch things grow and change. I have several tomato plants that still have green tomaters on them...not sure if they'll turn before fall is here for good. And one sprout of lettuce that is sort of making an appearance. My basil has been one of the best things this year because basil is so darn expensive to buy in stores and you often don't use much of it for a recipe.

Caterina B

My garden is sort of "somewhat" this year, too. It's because I didn't tend it as I usually do. But....we actually have some fennel that we planted from seed. This was our first planting of fennel. We'll see if the bulbs actually get large enough to harvest. I agree with Lauren, some garden is way better than none!


Amen to the dill pickles. :)

Murasaki Shikibu

The potatoes at least look good!


Lauren and Caterina- Some garden IS better than no garden. I should really stop complaining. But it was more a post to poke fun of myself and black-thumbed husband than anything ;)


Hey Siri, Freya and I have picked a total of 5 cherry tomatoes. Pretty astounding,I know. Miss you.

I have to admit I was jealous: What?! People can grow stuff in this climate? I have been trying to grow vegetables for 7 years and have only had luck so far with peas and radishes. But then I saw that scrawny little carrot and felt better! :) I am still impressed though, and would say that a "half-assed harvest" was surely the fault of a half-assed summer and not you!


Bounty, shmounty. Let's see a new post!

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