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November 02, 2011


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Hello you. Until next time... :)


Nice to have you back!


Ok. . . would love to hear that radio interview! Too funny!


I'm surprised to hear that Norway starts the Christmas selling push as early as the US does. I think Heather went to your sister's for dinner yesterday. I am going up next week to see her. Look forward to some cookie and other recipes. How about some soups?


Yay! I missed you.

Lisa kjellerød

Welcome back to blogland! You have been gone so long im now fluent in norwegian! (i wish!)


So glad you are back! Yes, every blogger needs a bit of hibernation, it sounds like you enjoyed yours! I totally cracked up at the questions you had to answer about candy!


Lauren @ Sassy Molassy

Yahoo! I was beginning to wonder. Glad to hear you're doing just fine. I wouldn't mind seeing that fun new hairdo of yours. I'm a wimp and have yet to ever color my hair. IT's true.

Also, what does "Christmas yogurt" entail?


Thanks everyone.

Bob- They start pushing Christmas in the stores earlier and earlier every year, I'm afraid. Will try to hold off on buying any of it until it's actually December, though. Soup, you say? Just you wait!

Lisa- Du har helt sikkert blitt kjempeflink på norsk etter tida du har brukt i barnehagen.

Lauren- Juleyogurt (Christmas Yogurt): a 4 pack of individual servings, including: 1- ginger yogurt, 1- rum raisin yogurt, 1- caramel yogurt, 1- glogg (weird spiced Scandinavian Christmas drink with booze, raisin, and nuts). If only you could buy the ginger all by itself...


Welcome back! Missed you but knew you just needed to gear up. Better show them your hair, don't you think?

Caterina B

Oh goody! I was getting worried. Every time I checked your blog site I was disappointed. work in the barnehage? Is it the same one where Lasse attends? That is not Kindergarten, correct, but preschool?
Glad you're back.


Heather is going over to your parents for Hammerschlaggen (? spelling ) on dec 3., says she is going to win third time in a row. Have you seen pictures of her lately? Sounds like you two have the same hair color.


I'm glad that Shady's back. Love, Ingie


do you work in a barnehage too? seems to be the job for foreign nationals... i'm back to work in feb. :(


Meli- sorry for my delay in replying! We've been out of internet for a while. I'm a barnehage tante, indeed. It really does attract foreign nationals, although I'm the only non-Norwegian at the one I work at. Can't think of a better job to naturally (and forcefully!) improve one's language skills :) Good luck with going back to work.


Yes. Hypernating is crucial. I do that a couple of times a year. And I'm apparently behind in my blogfollowing because I only just realised you're back. Glad to "see" you.

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