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December 29, 2011


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Your comment that it was the way Christmas should be is so true. The last picture is a work of art. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you from all of us. Are there any New Years traditions we should consider.



Sounds rather lovely.
A belated Merry Christmas to you.


Relaxing Christmas, and I wish I'd been there!

Caterina B

I love this post, Siri!
Is that white shirt yours or Lasse's?
Looks pretty small....and a BLACK tie?
I hope you had plenty of firewood to keep you warm without electricity. I remember bathing in a galvinized tub in front of my Grandma's cookstove. And....with my Norwegian-American aunts and uncles and grandparents lots and lots of coffee and cookies. In fact, eating our way through the days.
I found your recipe for Pepperkakor muffins and made them for Christmas Day breakfast.
Could I please have your permission to post the recipe on my tiny blog? I just ate the last one right now while typing. It's even more delicious cold with lots of butter!
That recipe is definitely a keeper!
Happy New to the little family in Norway!


Bob- I like that last one too. The only thing I can say about New Years in Norway is that most people stay in and there's no ball drop. I think a lot of people take advantage of the holiday so close to Christmas to make a repeat of the Christmas Eve dinner- we had Beef Bourguignon, though. Oh, and kids go trick or treating!

Caterina- Thanks! Lasse was a little gentleman on Christmas eve with tuxedo shirt, black silk bow tie, tuxedo pants and cummerbund. No fancy shoes, though. He outgrew those! Sure, go ahead and use the muffin recipe. Glad you liked it!

Caterina B

Hope you post a photo of Lasse in his tuxedo. I'll bet he was extremely handsome. I suspected the shirt was his but somehow, he can't be that big yet. It's fun to dress up one's children while they will still let you do it. Or...until they realize what Mom's doing! I have photos of my daughter at two in a handsmocked dress and big satin hairbow. Now she would never wear anything so fancy.

William Gulliver

I heard about the storm Dagmar and saw pictures of the devastation on the net. It's terrible, and with the holiday spirit dampened in its wake, it must have been a Christmas and New Year to remember for a different reason. In any case, weather like that does force us to make do with what we have, and serve as a lesson to prepare ourselves and our homes.

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