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December 04, 2011


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What a guy! You didn't say, was it black-market, Soviet Union style? Obtaining the butter I mean.

lauren @ sassy molassy

A shortage in butter?! The horror!! Glad your man came to the rescue and the diaper butt did not defeat modern technology for too long. :) Did some cookie baking myself today - peanut butter blossoms w/ my little sister mentee. Those things are delish.


How scary, a shortage of butter! Butter makes everything taste so good. I make lots of shortbread this time of year for gifts. We eat plenty of it too of course. Jacinta


I've certainly missed you, so welcome back! Your husband is indeed a rare breed.
What a wonderful gift. I hadn't heard about the butter shortage but I know as soon as I tell my mother she'll be horrified! Enjoy your weeks of baking ahead. I already have kransekake, serenakake and gingerbread in the freezer ready to bake off and am now inspired to whip up some boller too! God Jul! Dixx


I made your Julekake this last weekend, and it was superb! My Norwegian husband said its spot on (and better than what his family makes!). Thank you :)

I find this lo carbs diet really strange here in Norway, how can they give up eating potet everyday? And butter is not something you should avoid if you're on diet? It all seems too strange for me.


Nothing like comfort food during the dark season. I also take a light dose of "happy pills" to get through the dark months, but a butter shortage might just be enough to put me over the edge.


Lasse looks like a little old man counting his gold For those of us naive Americans what would be typical Norwegian Christmas Eve/Christmas menus ??



Can you purchase game such as deer, birds, rabbit in markets in Norway? Do many people hunt there for food, not game?


Sneaky Magpie

You really made me laugh with poor Lasse's bottom! I always had such wonderful image of Scandinavian Christmas, much due to My Swedish friends who I visit for the 1st of December Advent party, and even more childhood memories from Astrid Lindgren's books. Especially Bullerby Children and that one lucky almond in the pudding!


Oh, yes, lets import great butter from France and some lovely unsalted Lurpack butter from Denmark! This should be a lesson to the norwegian government to start importing lots of lovely foreign foods! Let the food revolution begin!
I"m glad you have butter though! We have too, we shopped in Sweden at the weekend and the norwegians were buying butter like it was the end of the world!

Caterina B

I adore butter! Remember, Andreas Viestad calls butter "the olive oil of the North."
How unthinkable that there is a butter shortage in Norway of all places! I hope you can find enough for all your Christmas needs.


Mormor- no, not black market, although hoarding is frowned upon. Maybe we'll have to start ration coupons ;)

Maayane- great news about the julekake! still need to bake mine this year...

Bob- you should see my post on Christmas dinner from last year:

Bob (answer to your 2nd question): I can easily get a hold of venison, reindeer, moose, and whale meat (although I wouldn't really call whale "game", more of just an oddity). In fact, I know that in some more remote regions, you can't even buy beef of any sort because venison is so abundant and popular. It's harder/next to impossible to get any type of game bird or rabbit. Best to stick to animals with antlers, I guess.

Sneaky Magpie- I had to look up, "Bullerby Children" and now I realize they're the same thing as "The Children of Noisy Village"- apparently the UK and US versions had diff. names. What a classic! Read them a million times.

Lisa- want to become business partners?

Caterina- "Olive Oil of the North"! That's what I should have called this whole post. Andreas is a gem!


I'm so jealous! I have about 4 tablespoons worth of butter left- and I haven't been able to start my christmas cookies as I haven't been able to find butter for 2 weeks! I'm headed to Sweden tomorrow, however, to see if I can buy some Swedish butter! Enjoy your baking!

D. @ Outside Oslo

Please do share your rice pudding recipe! My grandma used to make it each year. I don't have her recipe--unfortunately most recipes were lost with her passing--but I hope to have my own someday, once I find a favorite.


I was looking for a recipe for Skillingsboller and found your website and I love it! Summer 2010 we visited Norway, ate some delicious skillingsboller (being 3 months pregnant I did not need any excuse) and I was inspired to call my baby... Lasse! Reason to love your website even more. Mine is 10 months now and unfortunately does not have any notion of his mom baking cookies. Yet. Hopefully next Christmas.

Greetings from the Netherlands,


Merel- you have good taste! Soon as your Lasse turns one, you'll have to bake that boy some cookies! Is he also a February baby?

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