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December 30, 2011


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Farfar and Farmor were so lucky to have you all there, miss ya!

Caterina B

At first I forgot that the big storm was called Dagmar. I remembered a lady from my very distant past who was a friend of my mother's and named Dagmar. She always wore some kind of spicy, strong perfume and had coal black hair in a chignon. I think she dyed it. I don't think I liked her. Funny one's impressions of people from long ago.


Caterina- I'm not sure I'd take to any lady wearing spicy or strong perfume. The big storm in November was called "Berit", which was funny to us because that's my mother-in-law's name. I wonder who the next "E" storm will be named after?


What a beautiful view you have! I love that 1st piccy!!
(As an aside - I am also super in love with that fabric in your header!)

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