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January 02, 2012


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lisa kjellerød

Looks delicious but I'm a bit weird about fish soup (and I'm esp weird when it comes to this strange norwegian thing of putting a random boiled egg in a soup, just floating there like an eyeball!! Ugh! Have you come across this?)



Thanks; I had asked for soup recipes and this looks fantastic !!!


I absolutely love Norwegian fish soup. I order it obsessively when we are out for a meal. I can't wait to give this a try. It sounds fantastic!!!


I can almost taste it!

Caterina B

YUMMY! Right now I would love a big bowl of this soup. I am going to print the recipe right now. Thanks!


sounds amazing! will get onto it when i get back to norway next month. :)

haha i've come across the boiled egg in soup thing too - at my barnehage a regular meal is tomato soup (from a packet, ugh) with macaroni noodles and boiled egg. ???


Lisa and Meli- I eat just about any type of soup, but generally leave the boiled egg out. I guess it's a good way to add a little cheap protein? Toro tomato soup with macaroni must be a universal barnehage staple. Although they usually chop up some hot dogs and toss them in at the one I work at. I'm going to try to trick them and make some tomato soup from scratch sometime soon.

Bob, Tif, Jon and Caterina- Great!


Looks good Siri!

Lisa Kjellerød

Yes, you must make your own soup for your barnehage. Mine makes all it's own food from scratch thankfully - although we do eat our fair share of things in tubes! (so wrong, only toothpaste comes in tubes, not food!)

Jenn@The Leftover Queen

Happy New Year Siri and family! This Fiskesuppe looks fantastic!

Murasaki Shikibu

Just the thing for a cold wintry day. I wonder whether a Japanese fish stock would work. I'm going to try!

Murasaki Shikibu

I made this today and it has Ronny's stamp of approval. It was great!

Fellow American in Norway

What a FANTASTIC blog! I love your writing style, the style of your photos, the way you live your life! I came upon this blog just today and read it top to bottom in one day (would have taken couple of hours but with a little guy running around made it a bit harder) I hope you'll post more often, I truly enjoyed reading your blog!

lauren @ sassy molassy

I'm hoping to see some good ole fashion sweets on this here blog sometime soon! :) Hope you guys are doing well and 2012 is going well. Smooches, Lo Lo


Almost spring!

Caterina B

We're all waiting to hear from you once again!

Stock Pots

I have never eaten Fish Soup & your recipe sounds incredibly delicious. I am most anxious to try your Fiskesuppe with fresh salmon.


Tried this recipe this evening for dinner and it is fantastic! Been looking for a good fish soup recipe ever since coming back from a holiday in Norway and yours is really good. Thank you for sharing.

Inge Hammer

this is the best fish soup, I have already made it many times , and served it for friends and family, and my husband loves it, he is Norvegien.

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