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June 23, 2012


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I love your blog!! and your recipes......!!!!


Our days have been hot (85-90 F), and very very dry. Our gardens are doing well, and there are Beautiful fresh tomatoes at the local farmers market :))))

What is the great looking drink or desert you have in the picture, and how do you make it?


Vonnie- Hey, thanks! I'm going to try to do my best to be more regular over the next few months.

Bob- That's too hot for me. Lucky there's a VERY small chance I'll be experiencing that kind of heat here. On the flip side, local tomatoes do not exist because it just doesn't get warm enough and there's too much rain. The drink, by the way is your good ol' fashioned American strawberry milkshake (minus the whipped cream and cherry). Background would be our freshly sanded and still untreated patio.

Lisa Kjellerød

Ah, you had to mention the upcoming winter huh? With this crappy summer we are having my thoughts keep jumping forward to winter but I need some heat before I can embark on my third norsk winter!
Looking forward to your new recipe (and more blogging from you in general, young lady!)


You need more strawberries and start using a SAD light a little sooner. These are things I know about.

Caterina B

Why do we call it "midsummer" when it's the first official day of Summer? That has always mystified me.
I am in Colorado. We have had numerous wildfires this year and it's not over yet.
We have our car loaded with survival things in case we cannot get out of our rural location by the one road. We are also moving valuable/sentimental things to a storage closet in town in case we have to evacuate. It's nerve wracking. So....we could use some of that rain you are getting. Send it this way, please!


Caterina- I used to wonder the same thing. As it turns out, in Scandinavia and Northern Europe (pretty much the only places that really celebrate midsummer), late June really is the midway point of summer. May, June, and July, that's it. That's all we get. Midwesterners, like myself, as well as much of the US, and continental Europe, I should believe, have a MUCH LONGER summer that starts in May and goes until September, maybe even early October. And the importance of sunlight is not quite the same in other parts of the world. When you realize that NOW is when you get sun and every day until Christmas will have less and less, you mark the date and celebrate with appreciation. As for those fires- yikes! One thing that's always scared me about CO and CA. It's far too dry! Be safe, sounds like you're taking the proper precautions.

Caterina B that I think about it, your explanation makes perfect sense. May, June, and July are YOUR main summer months.
We are still carting things to town to put in storage until this summer is over. Usually by mid July the "monsoons" start. That is, a quick rainstorm almost every afternoon after lunch. Let's hope this year they will come to help with the VERY HIGH FIRE DANGER. The problem is, a quick rainstorm comes with lightening, too. We are going to be "on patrol" this week here in the country to make sure campers at the campgrounds up the road do not have open flames. We are on stage 2 fire alert. Only gas grills are allowed. no campfires AND NO FIREWORKS whatsoever. know there will be some careless fools who will defy that rule. Just another danger, FYI, there has already been a bear who broke into the restaurant kitchen at the lake! YIKES!

Lisa Malmar

I just stumbled upon your blog while looking for a recipe for plum kuchen, and have really enjoyed it. (even though I've spent too much time reading and not baking!) Thanks for writing it.
- Lisa from Wisconsin


Fall now. Better buy the light therapy lamp soon!

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